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December 23, 2010 BugeyeGarage 0

[youtube=] Pretty neat short video put together by kmper02 featuring his blacked out bugeye. Nicely done HID retrofit into the stock headlights, 04 taillights, ‘stickerbombed’ […]

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December 12, 2010 BugeyeGarage 1

Pleiades is somewhere up there. Infek’s bugeye. 11 minute exposure. 04 tails, CF exhaust shield, STI version 2 limited wing

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D Money version 2.0

October 27, 2010 BugeyeGarage 0

After years of rebuilding, sourcing rare parts, and blowin’ money fast… D Money debuts the third iteration of his bugeye. The attention to detail is […]