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This blog is about stuff you can do with a 2002-2003 Subaru Impreza WRX.

The 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX was the first WRX (turbo) model of the Impreza released in America.  The new design with its round headlights was at first regarded as ugly by some magazine editors and commentators, but it was still revered for its amazing performance for the value.  The bugeye WRX only lasted 2 years before Subaru decided to redesign the front end with more a “refined” (boring.) styling…

The bugeye WRX is only now widely deemed one of the best looking Subaru WRX models ever made, and an icon for Subaru owners with acult following.

ME: I’ve have had my bugeye WRX since May 2002 and am the original owner.  It’s silver.  It’s been modified since its had 7 miles on the clock.  In eight sixteen (!) years of ownership I’ve built it up, tried things, taken it apart, and built it back up again.  It’s been at “Hot Import Nights” events (lol) and it’s been a daily driver.

More importantly, in eight sixteen years I’ve also seen hundreds of bugeye mods and my goal here is to try and preserve some of the stuff I’ve seen (mostly on Nasioc) for the ages.  With bugeyes getting older, and parts getting rarer, I think it’s good to know what parts are out there.  Hopefully some people read this and I’m not talking to myself 😀

Important: With the exception of photos of the ‘Bugeyed Little Beastie’ car (and where otherwise noted) the photos from this site are not taken by Bugeye Garage or owned by Bugeye Garage.  They are being shared because we feel it’s educational for other bugeye owners to see what others out there are doing with their cars.  I try to give appropriate credit to photographers (and car owners) where possible. I know some people are sensitive about their photos being used so (1) I am more than happy to remove any photo that you own or pic of your car – and will comply immediately – just email me at the above address and (2) I am more than happy to give you credit for your photo or car – just contact me in the same manner as #1 and I’ll do it immediately.

重要:「Bugeyedリトルビースティ・’車(および他の場所に注意)このサイトから写真をBugeyeガレージで撮影したかBugeyeガレージが所有していないの写真を除いて。我々は他のbugeye所有者が自分の車でそこに何をしているかを他人アウトを参照することが教育だと感じるので、彼らは共有されています。私は可能な限りカメラマン(と車の所有者)に適切な信用を与えることを試みます。私は何人かの人々がそのように使用されている自分の写真について敏感である知っている(1)私はあなたが所有またはあなたの車のPIC任意の写真削除することよりも幸せだ – とすぐに遵守します – ちょうどあなたの写真と記事の1にコメントを。 (2)私はあなたの写真や車のためのあなたの信用を与えるために幸せを超える午前 – ちょうど#1と同様に私に連絡し、私はすぐにそれをやりますjust email me at the above address。


  1. Hey,

    have been following your blog for quite awhile now.

    I personally drive a V9 STI (Hawkeye) but im planning to get my brother an Impreza V7 (bugeye)

    Can you please send me some pics of your car so i can show him?


  2. great site! having been with a couple bugeyes myself since 2002 this really does bring back the memories of all the parts that were available for the MY02-03 imprezas. Great work dude!

  3. Great site!! makes me love my car more lol

    Ive got my self a bugeye, and looking to see if the Prodrive front bar (the model that covers the fogs)are sold in Australia?


  4. Thanks for all the info, I just pick up a JDM 2002 Impreza 20K wagon (WRX Wagon) as project car. I’m definitely gonna send you some pictures of it later as I rebuild and restore the car to a better shape!

  5. Hey, I’ve been following this site for quite some time and love it. It gives bug eye owners a real outlet to see and talk about everything bugeye. I finally went all out this summer and had my 02 bug eye freshened up doing full body work paint rims new custom interior and lots more. Would live to see if you would be kind enough to put it on site? Thank you for keeping the bug eye passion alive and look forward to reading more from your blog.


  6. Hey man, new reader to your blog but I have been through every page and Im thoroughly enjoying it. Can I make a recommendation for a feature though? I would like to see a special on parts for roofs. Things like roof scoops, vortex generators, roof spoilers, and other crazy things that people have done to their car to make it unique. Cheers for reading and keep up the great work on the blog.

  7. Hey, when are you going to update this blog? I went through it start to finish back in February and haven’t seen a scrap of new content since then… NOT a criticism, just a fellow bugeye geek lookin’ for his fix!

  8. Now it’s 2014, it’s great to discover your site. I’ve been a bug eye owner here in Australia since Feb ’12 When bought my 2001 bug eye WRX (AUDM – built Dec 2000). I managed to buy it off the original owner with only 64,000km (bugger all miles in the old money). Ive always liked the shape despite all the haters. Keep updating the blog – this is is the ultimate bug eye site!!!!

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