Time goes by. But My heart will not change.

It’s pretty interesting to see the direction that the car scene has changed over the years, and reporting on it, and how things have ebbed and flowed with technological advances.

Styles have come and gone from neon paint and bodykits, to airride and rivet-on widebody panels.  Print media, online forums, and blogs once dominated, only to be replaced by Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook pages and groups.

While the latter has a more fleeting quality (compare Facebook group threads seeking advice on a car question vs. the trove of all information Subaru-related that Nasioc is), there are certainly some advantages such as the sharing of magazine-level car builds from the shutter snap of a mobile device in someone’s driveway – or the interchange of ideas between the car community on different sides of oceans (where once you had to use Google Translate to navigate Japan’s Minkara website now it just takes following the right profiles on Instagram to see some epic JDM Subies).

Even Itakichi whose Japanese widebody bugeye STI has been featured on these pages is active on the ‘gram.


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Remarkably his car is one of the few things that hasn’t changed much in the same many years (other than several sets of incredible wide VolkRacing wheels to adorn his custom widebody bugeye).

While time may go by, it’s nice to see some things stay the same.