One off: custom widebody bugeye

I don’t know too much about this car (other than it likely being from a place other than the U.S. – Australia maybe?), but the level of custom body work is amazing.  I’ve never seen the bumper or kit before in 15 years and would wager it’s a one-off creation or adapted from another car’s bumper.

The side vents shape evoke a creation that started out as maybe a JUN bumper before modification, though the thinner bottom portion of the bumper (compared to the bulkier JUN’s bottom) makes me think not?

Similarly, the front fenders look like Aqua vented fender pieces for the Bugeye – though the overall level of customization makes me think these are one off pieces too.  Same for the rear fenders which could easily be L’aunsport or Burn Up (or Kakumei) but likely are also one-off given the level of customization to the point where this car actually makes it look easier to fabricate something new than source a rare part.

Likely this car isn’t from the U.S. based on certain mods that haven’t flown over here in years (if ever) like the taillights and SpoCom era 19″+ wheels and metal gas door.  But overall this build is simply amazing, and always great to see a surprisingly new/fresh take on a bugeye!