BugeyeGarage ver. Super Kanpai


You might be noticing that half the photo links on this site are now dead.  Photobucket (which hosts a lot of this site’s images over the years) changed its payment requirements and many websites on the internet are now having the same issue with half of its pictures going dark.

Fear not – I have backups.  Though it will be another unneeded headache to go back and change all the link URLs.  I always said that even if I get very busy – which has very much been the case recently – I’d still keep BugeyeGarage up as an educational resource for bugeye owners and enthusiasts.

Over the past year I’ve been thinking hard about how to get the site jump-started again after it had been kicking along on “E.”  I tried several different approaches towards doing this, including site re-designs and new platforms.  However, I just don’t have the time to obsessively read Nasioc or do the Minkara dives that I used to.  And increasingly, sharing of information worth preserving for the future has moved away from these types of sites and to Instagram and Facebook (even famous Japanese bugeye owner and Volk Racing afficionado Itakichi has an Instagram now!).

It took a trip to Japan for me to get some new energy to breath new life into this blog.  I revised the design to something simple – like the original WordPress theme I had back in 2010 – to keep the focus on the cars.  I’ve also found recently that Instagram permits embedding of images which will help keep the blog fresh – I’m great at sharing pictures and doing quick infographic style write-ups.  Not so much on the lengthier text posts due to time constraints.  But for the fact I’m sitting at an airport lounge on my way back from Tokyo I might not have time to cram this out 😛

So look forward to some new (and some old once I get it all back up online).  Cheers!  Kanpai!