Freeway Dolphin JDM STI Wagon (GGB)

While traveling through Nara, Japan last week I saw what appeared to be a white GGB STI wagon – more to come when I get the pictures off the big camera.  But this got me burning up my international data plan on researching hallmarks of a “true” STI wagon.  That led me to this advertisement for a used GGB with the very rare Freeway Dolphin body kit.

Freeway Dolphin is a company that specializes in wagons or “estates” and includes parts for Legacy wagons and Nissan Stagea wagons and some others.  Now that the “Levorg” – new JDM model that is essentially a WRX station wagon – has essentially become the national car of Japan (true story) it makes sense to have a business based around wagons.  Though Subaru Technica International has been teasing Subaru enthusiasts with a “STI Sport” model Levorg, after 15 years the last full STI wagon was the Bugeye GGB seen here.

Even back in the day I never really saw any pictures of the Dolphin kit on any cars – I’m guessing it wasn’t a top seller as it is kind of dated looking – like a second-gen Legacy kit – by even model year 2002 standards.  Still rare and interesting to know is out there.  For me this is I think even the first time that I’ve gotten a good look at the full kit!  But with as few wagon-specific kits as there are …


And if it suits your fancy you can buy it here

Yup, it’s an STi.