Version 2


If you’re reading this then you probably found your way over here from BugeyeGarage on WordPress ( ¬†Welcome to our new home!


the BugeyeGarage bugeye circa 2005
The one thing I’ve always said is that BugeyeGarage would stay up as a resource for bugeye wrx owners and never go the way of or some other awesome blogs which have since gone defunct. I’m hoping that with this switch – which will give me have a LOT more control over the site to accomplish things that I wanted to achieve with it – that won’t change. ¬†The goal of this project was/is to have the most hard-hitting visual and informational content specifically dedicated to the bugeye.

Until I can transition the two seamlessly (and perhaps indefinitely) the older BugeyeGarage posts will stay up on the site. But I’m very happy to be getting back into the BugeyeGarage.

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