Parts bin: Wagon Options–Prodrive

Wagons just have a tough time. When the bugeye was first released there weren’t a ton of options out there for styling/differentiating from the crowd. The biggest problem was that the wagon’s narrower track combined with completely different bumper shape meant that most of the aero options for the bugeye sedan wouldn’t work: front lips wouldn’t fit the different bumper, bumpers wouldn’t line up with the narrower fenders. Even with a wagon STI model in Japan for the bugeye, aftermarket tuning companies largely initially panned the bugeye (considered an ugly sibling of the more popular GC8 at the time) model and certainly weren’t showing love for a wagon model that required separate R&D expense to develop products for.

(there were a few options though they’re largely gone now: wagon-specific V1 STI replica lip; Freeway-Dolphin kit, Liberal kit, and a few others)

Over the years people got creative. Some would retrofit the sedan front end (principally fenders and bumpers) to increase the aero options to that of the sedan – but leaving an awkwardly narrower rear (although some actually did the metal work necessary for the rear too). Others would take a creative approach to mounting sedan-specific pieces to the wagon bumper.

This is a really great example of the popular prodrive lip altered to fit a wagon bumper – I’d think it actually looks even a little bit sharper on the wagon too.

According to the owner, there was some careful measuring and trimming involved, but otherwise it was relatively straight forward (no cutting in half/adding or removing large pieces/re-shaping).  I love how it matches the lower lines of the Wagon bumper and the vent to the side of the foglight beautifully.