Bugeye Meetup Japan

An update! Only a snapshot, but why not?

Haven’t been on Minkara lately, but did come across these pictures of a recent (summer 2013) meet of only bugeyes in Japan.  Really some interesting cars here, but couldn’t find more than just these 4 pics.  Just goes to show that in Japan (and elsewhere) – much like the U.S. – bugeyes are growing in popularity and achieving cult-following status and even with owners’ groups.  Great cars those bugs.

^ I believe I’ve seen this blue car before when it had gold SSR type-C’s. Really reminds me of the previously-featured Chris/BurtonCR’s car with full Zerosports kit and can’t tell if Prodrive WRC-Safari or Ganador mirrors.

So enjoy the pics!  Will post additional if I find any