Beginning|Endless: Old School

My 12 year old car passed inspection and had to take the obligatory snapshot.  On the way home I passed through my old neighborhood and saw that the only other person in my neighborhood with a WRX in 2002 — a stock midnight black pearl WRX wagon just up the street from me —  still had their WRX after nearly 12 years.  Really made me want to leave a note… Gotta love that even with the newer car designs to hit the road over the past decade the WRX has really carved itself out as a classic and will always have a place for itself on the street – not unlike some of the older BMW e30, e36 m3, e39 m5 (which didn’t need sky-net shifting for you to put 400 hp to the road and now out-prices a full model year newer e60).


      • Man glad to see you didnt gibe up on the blog much like the topic in your latest post. The bugeye is such a great little car, they provide noth but hours of endless enjoyment… I’m so pleased to see many of us have staved the course and stay true to our rides. You see so many of them now a days getting wrecked falling into the wrong hands or disrepair.

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