Abstract: WRC-Lite

Saw this car come up for sale not too long ago (unsure if it sold) and was thinking about it this past week. Oftentimes you see WRC replicas with the full graphics scheme, but this car takes a different approach: just a few hints of an S7 (bugeye) WRC car here and there but things that aren’t necessarily intuitive when you look at a WRC car, and enough to really catch your eye: WRC style headlights with the high-beam-area ducts, rally fogs, drop in hood vent, Spec C roof vent, WRC extended wing, trunk-pins (because the extended wing and accompanying downforce can’t keep it shut on it’s own :p ). Meanwhile, no widebody or graphics to be found. Some more unusual items like Formula mirrors and Zerosport ducts that somehow don’t look all that out of place. The Rota G-Forces, while Rotas, evoke the wide Prodrive race wheels on the S7.

Just a nice looking street car… but kind of makes me want to swap a twin scroll setup with anti lag, gravel tires, and extreme-travel suspension and hit some trails. : ]


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