DonnieBrasco’s bugeye

This is one of the more epic bugeyes to roll out of SoCal.

What sets this car apart is the prodrive lip with V-limited lip underneath.  Donnie was one of the first bugeyes (possibly the first) to roll with this setup.  His Prodrive lip is authentic – one of the last ones Prodrive USA had in stock before they closed down North American operations.  This setup has become increasingly common as replicas of both prodrive and v-limited lips have become available for cheap but still nobody has pulled it off like this.

The other thing that sets the car apart is the wheels… but they speak for themselves…

rare/out of production bronze Volk Racing SE37K wheels (they were replaced by the Volk RE30’s)

[photocredits to Luis3rd]

It says something that this is actually the winter setup (although to be fair does SoCal really have winters?)

THIS is the summer setup

[photocredits to Cliff Sutrisno a/k/a TimeAtk]

BBS LM wheels.  Real.  Specs remain a mystery (no really I’m not too lazy to look it up he just won’t give it up lol).


  • EDM HID headlight – the correct beam pattern, Light output 6k
  • Prodrive Genuine Lip one of the last pcs. DAN Prodrive have before they closed shop.
  • New OEM front bumper color match PPG paint
  • S204 vlimited rep lip
  • 08 STI front seats
  • JDM red hazzard button
  • OEM 3pod guages
  • black plasti dip trim
  • black suede interior
  • editors note:  GT Spec grill in the top “winter” photos – it’s essentially a Zerosports grill but with the three holes filled in on either side.  People often confuse it as being a replica of the LIBERAL grill which looks similar but somewhat different, but in actuality the GT Spec grill a semi-original part.


  • TDO4 – bought w/ 10k miles
  • BN heads, subaru genuine OEM headgskets
  • ARP cometic head studs
  • BN waterpump, timing belt, belt tensioner
  • BN fuel filters and regulator
  • Group N engine mount
  • Group N tranny mount
  • Prodrive catless up pipe
  • stock catted dp
  • APS cat back
  • EXEDY stage 2 clutch – 8kmiles ago
  • Mishimoto aluminum radiator
  • Gimmick black silicone radiator hoses
  • New thermostat
  • STI high pressure rad caps
  • Motul 75 90 tranny fluids – Done at Yimi 5k miles ago
  • Factory Short shifter
  • kartboy shifter bushing
  • now flashed on stage 2 XPT MAP


  • Whiteline 22-27 mm F&R swaybar
  • Whiteline ALK
  • Whiteline center roll adjuster
  • Whiteline Lateral links
  • Kartboy endlinks
  • STI aluminum control arms
  • JDM STI titanuim strutbar
  • Ingals Camberbolts
  • Megan tracks 10k-12k CO

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  1. That’s GMR road? I used to live just near there. Love that road! I really dig this bug’ and have some pics of it saved as well. I actually like the yellow fogs too in addition to what you’ve mentioned. I like that it looks aggressive without having super flushdoperota wheels. 🙂 It’s not all about offset. haha

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