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This blog is about stuff you can do with a 2002-2003 Subaru Impreza WRX.

The 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX was the first WRX (turbo) model of the Impreza released in America.  The new design with its round headlights was at first regarded as ugly by some magazine editors and commentators, but it was still revered for its amazing performance for the value.  The bugeye WRX only lasted 2 years before Subaru decided to redesign the front end with more a “refined” (boring.) styling…

The bugeye WRX is only now widely deemed one of the best looking Subaru WRX models ever made, and an icon for Subaru owners with a cult following.

This car is actually for sale in Japan. 582 horsepower. Someone buy it and bring it to the U.S.!!!

ME:  I’ve have had my bugeye WRX since May 2002 and am the original owner.  It’s silver.  It’s been modified since its had 7 miles on the clock.  In eight years of ownership I’ve built it up, tried things, taken it apart, and built it back up again.  It’s been at “Hot Import Nights” events (lol) and it’s been a daily driver.

More importantly, in eight years I’ve also seen hundreds of bugeye mods and my goal here is to try and preserve some of the stuff I’ve seen (mostly on Nasioc) for the ages.  With bugeyes getting older, and parts getting rarer, I think it’s good to know what parts are out there.  Hopefully some people read this and I’m not talking to myself 😀


  1. Cool stuff man! I found your blog from your comment in A-Class. I bought an 02 last spring with some mods. I love it. I convinced my dad to buy an 03 back in May 03 for his 50th Birthday. He loves it and it now has 190k miles. I recently rode with him on a touge run with my bro in his ’05 Mustang GT and hung no problem (with my extra weight and down on power from the stang). I will be loyally following your blog to get ideas for my own bugeye! Subscribe box checked!

  2. Thanks for the kind words man! Good luck with the bugeye modding and I’ll definitely keep it updated, my dad is also in his 50’s (in his mind he’s going on 24) and loves driving my car too. It’s def something that we share and see eye to eye on. That’s amazing you got the whole family involved!

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